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A Google Map on Your Website

Google Maps is one of the most useful and convenient applications provided by Google. This service can show the area of any place just at one click. Now that people hardly have time to spend long hours searching for information, Google Map is just the perfect solution.

All you need to do to use Google Maps is to type in the name of the place. You’ll get a map focused on the wanted location together with precise details: From public transportation, the estimated time taken to get there, to the 360o all inclusive view of surroundings, street of houses, buildings, metro stations, hospitals, hotels, restaurants and several other information. The satellite view gives an even more detailed image of the area.Google Maps has been merged into Google Services and is now one of the company’s main branches. The brothers Lars and Jens Rasmussen invented the software in Denmark. Back then, it was a simple mapping software. It was first published as an initiative from Where 2 Technologies, a company owned by the brothers.

The brothers agreed to sell their organization to Google Inc. They became project managers to their own software module and were tasked with creating the web-based service named Google Maps.

How to add a Map to a website

To embed Google Map to a website’s contact page, all you need to do is add the JavaScript Code available on our website. Embed the code and help your prospective customers to find and visit you more easily.Enter the address of your business location on top of this page, choose the map style, size and grade of zoom you wish and then click the button. Straightaway a window opens which shows the code the application instantly generates. Just copy the Google Map Code and paste it onto your website to add Google map functionality. Done!

Google Maps Features

Google Maps shows many features such as satellite view, Application Programming Interfaces (API), route planning, directions, street maps, etc. Google Maps lets you choose from four types of transportation like driving, public transportation, walking and bicycling. Google Maps also offers Maps in different view types, like roadmap, satellite or terrain.

Satellite View

Google Maps uses extensive satellite images to provide very accurate locations. Even in the satellite view, Google Maps provides the customers with the benefits of the Google Map Site, like Google Transit, directions, Street , etc.

The Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) provided by Google would enable third party development and customization. The API enables the user to embed the map location into a website along with 3D digital globe into their webpage. For easy recognition, you can mark your location with special images and pins.

Additional Benefit - Google Reviews

The aim of Google Maps is to find the location of places like restaurants, movie halls, etc. queried by customers. The feedbacks posted by customers to different restaurants, hotels and pubs integrated within the map, enable new customers to get a quick glimpse of past feedbacks and opinions. So if you have some great customer reviews, it is shown right there against your location pin. And with more and more customer search, your popularity index crawls up the search engine.

Google Maps Directions

A vacation trip is not easy to plan. The Google Map is a very convenient tool, especially when you plan to visit an unknown place or country. To get information about available airlines, trains or busses including schedules, daily timetables, itineraries Google Transit can be great.

Driving Directions

Google Maps provides accurate directions needed for driving. You can save the planed route for later use or print it, which is perfect if you travel and won’t always be sure to get internet connection. Directional details along with estimated time are provided to the user. The information also includes all turns ahead along with the distance between each turn, elevations, time zones, and detailed directions to give a comfortable experience of travelling from one place to another. Embed Google map onto your website, using the simple JavaScript will also help customers to drive to your business without any detour.

Why you should add Google map to website?

Are you still wondering why you should embed a Google Map to your website?

People use Google Maps to know about locations and specific driving directions of any place of interest at any time. Companies can embed their profile at their business address in Google Maps, and people will easily find it.Google Maps as a new aspect of internet marketing started a great way of providing advantages to companies and customers. Companies can increase their sales by making themselves more visible to their prospective customers. Google Maps has changed the way of people searching something. Adding a Google Map is therefore an important part of online marketing.

Google Maps are of advantage to all organizations with interest in attracting customers within their proximity. A person would not buy a boat from a store that is 3.000 kilometres from his home but from a store that is five kilometres away. A customer will buy products from a retail that is near to his place. Google Maps provides this information with further details.

Disadvantages of Google Maps API

The most important and considerable problem while using Google Map API, is its programming complexity. You need to have good programming skills to embed the Google Map via API into your website. The JavaScript code that we offer on our website is a lot easier to integrate.

Also sometimes Google Maps API fails to retrieve exact buildings or pictures of the building. Additionally for commercial use, Google Maps API is a paid service though the charges are fairly less.The feature on our website does not use Google Maps API. We offer a JavaScript code to embed a Google Maps to your website much easier than using the API.Moreover, our service is 100% free and no registration, no email is needed. © 2024 - The Service of is Free To Use - English - Deutsch - Contact - About Us